Monday, June 15, 2009

hunny bunny

If you see an old Ford truck driving around Ashland City running over everything, it is probably me! My car is being worked on this week. Josh and his dad are changing my timing belt and doing a couple of other things.. so in the meantime I have to drive either his old white car, which is a stick shift & I cannot drive that thing without making a fool out of myself... OR there is the old, loud, big F 150. So that is what I am attempting to drive.

So yesterday we were over at Josh's parents house and while Josh and his dad were working on my car, Paige and I layed out by the pool! It was very relaxing....But poor guys. Apparently, the timing belt is very hard to get to. That is why labor is SO expensive to get it done. So I am very thankful that Josh and his dad can do it for me, even though it is going to take a few days.

After laying by the pool for a while, I went inside and Josh came in with something in his hands & he was smiling. When he opened his hands I saw the cutest little thing ever!!

This is hunny bunny!! He is our new pet rabbit :) Well, we are going to keep him for a little while until he gets super big. Josh found him at his parent's house. Their dog was chasing it so Josh rescued it :) We have him in a crate that our neighbors gave us. He is SOO tiny. He fits in my hand. I have never seen a bunny so small and I love him!! I had a rabbit a long time ago but I can't remember what it ate... I gave hunny bunny a carrot and some grass and some water but so far he just sits there. He might be a little traumatized. But I just love him!!

Kobe is a little skeptical & not real sure what to think of him. I am sure he is wondering what this little chew toy look alike is that is getting all of our attention!


Saturday night was so much fun!! Josh and I went out to eat with his friend, Brett and his girlfriend, Crystal. We were going to eat at The Perfect Pig... I have never been there before and was really excited because I have heard how good it was. BUT they were closing when we got there :( Who knew they would close at 6:00 on a Saturday?? So anyway, we ate at some other place called Hog Heaven and it was so disgusting. Probably one of the worst places ever. So then afterwords, we went to the drive-in to see a movie!!! This was my 1st drive-in experience and I loved it. It was a beautiful night. The sky was so clear and we saw a few shooting stars :) We watched The Night At The Museum 2 and it was really good. I am a huge fan of the 1st one.... and I LOVE Ben Stiller so I love any movie he is in. But I will definitely be going back to the drive-in. It is in Dickson and they play a new movie every weekend & it is only $5 a person. It was fun!

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  1. he's so tiny that he may still be on mother's milk. tsc should have some kind of formula supplement. my pet rabbit ate lettuce, cabbage, celery and pellets from petsmart.