Friday, June 12, 2009

when it rains, it pours.

There is a very serious issue that has to stop. NOW. So I am asking every one of you to be praying like crazy. There have been 3 suicides and 1 attempted suicide in less than two weeks in our county. It started on Memorial Day. There was a man (his name was Jerry) who lived across the street from the salon. He shot himself.. I heard it was because of his girlfriend. He was probably in his 40's. I feel bad because he was kinda rough looking so it made me nervous if I saw him out in the parking lot if I was by myself in the salon. But from what I have heard, he was a really nice guy.

Two days later, a 17 year old girl that went to Cheatham hung herself. She talked to the guidance counselor (a lady who goes to our church) either that day or the day before. Well, the guidance counselor called the crisis center and they did not come out. So it is under investigation. I have heard it was either because of family problems... or boy problems... I don't know.

The following week, I found out a friend of mine tried to kill herself. It just broke my heart. We used to be pretty close because we worked together at Stratton's for about 4 years. We have not been close for the past couple of years though, but she came by my yard sale just a few days before it happened. She stayed for a while and we talked and she seemed fine. But she shot herself 3 days later. I just don't get it. Luckily, she is okay, even though the bullet went straight through one of her lungs. I went to Vanderbilt to see her Friday and she had already been released. I plan on going to see her one day next week though.

Then I found out this morning that a 12 year old girl killed herself. She hung herself. TWELVE YEARS OLD. I do not know any details. My dad went by and prayed with her parents today. I can't even imagine.

NOTE: I have recently found out that this girl was 14, not 12. Still that is so young :(

I can not even begin to tell you how bad this breaks my heart. I don't get it. These people had their WHOLE lives in front of them. I do know what it is like to be very depressed. But I also know the love and hope that Jesus gave me and he helped bring me through all of that. I just wish that they would have felt that same love and same hope that I did. I wish they would have talked to someone. I wish that I could have done something to prevent it. There are so many "I wishes" in situations like these. We can't go back but one thing we can do is pray for each and every person out there dealing with depression or drug addictions. I pray that God brings people in their lives that they can talk to. I pray that God gives them love and hope and that they can feel it and know he is there. I pray for the families & friends that have been affected by this and I pray it does not happen again.

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