Thursday, June 11, 2009

such a reward :)

So I made my very first "house call" yesterday! One of my clients, Billy (who is super sweet!), had an appointment a few weeks ago for a haircut and he never showed up. I thought that was odd because he normally does not do that. I tried calling him to make sure everything was okay but he never answered or returned my phone call. So yesterday he called me and told me what had happened. The night before his appointment he started to have chest pains and his wife called 911. Turns out he had 95% blockage to his heart and they had to do an emergency open heart surgery :( He just got home from the hospital Monday and is doing pretty good. I hate that he had to have that done but atleast they caught that before he had a heart attack or a stroke. So he called yesterday and was like- I hate asking you this but do you ever do house calls? I told him I would be more than happy to come out there. He only lived about 10 minutes from the salon so it was no big deal at all. His house is gorgeous, by the way, and his sweet wife was there too :) As I was leaving I told him I hope that he feels better soon and he told me something that made me realize all over again why I love what I do. He said he already felt SO much better after just getting his hair cut! I know how important hair is to people and when your hair looks bad it just makes you feel so BLAH. But when people get their hair done and they love it, it is like they are a new person! They have a lot more self esteem and seem much happier :) I am glad I can help someone feel so much better about themselves. It is such a rewarding job!!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful clients.. and I do not just look at them as "clients" ... I look at them as my friends!

Speaking of hair... I am in love with a new product!!

It is the new Biosilk Silk Therapy Miracle Leave-In Conditioner. It seriously does all these things:
-Conditions & hydrates hair and skin instantly
-Provides volume & body
-Controls & defines curls
-Reconstructs & repairs dry and damaged hair and skin
-Strengthens the hair
-Revives dull lifeless hair and skin
-Smoothes the cuticle
-Controls frizz and flyaways
-Prevents split ends
-Stops hair breakage
-Seals the hair
-Protects hair color from fading
-Protects hair and skin from environmental damage
-Thermal protector for blow drying
-Thermal protector from flat and curling irons
-Leaves hair & skin soft and silky
-Adds incredible shine

No, I did not make all these things up. It really does say this on the bottle!! I have been using it on myself and my clients and I can really tell a difference! I mean, what else could you need after all these things I just listed!!

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  1. hahaha. i saw this in mom's shower! now i know where it came from.