Monday, June 8, 2009

What has that boy done to me??

I'm sure you have heard the statement that opposites attract, right? Well, I guess you could say that is true with me and Josh!! We have all the major & important things in common... we both love the Lord and have the same values. We both love each other and want a big family one day. We both have the same goals & want the same things for our future.

BUT Josh is ALLLLL boy. He loves to fish, hunt, play sports, get dirty, wear the same clothes for years... you know, all the stuff boys love to do! Me, on the other hand, I am ALLLL girl. I love to shop, decorate, get all dressed up, and I love anything to do with fashion. I like the fact that we are different. It definitely keeps things interesting & we both learn something new every day.... and we are wearing on each other a little bit now. Josh could tell you all about Jon & Kate Plus 8 and The Duggar's. He could tell you what kind of hair products I like to use and my favorite stores to shop at. I could tell you all about The O'Reilly Factor & Hannity and Colmes. I could even tell you what a spinner bait is and I could explain to you how football works.

But I would never buy a fishing license and a pair of waders for myself...even if we would have went to Center Hill this past weekend. Nope. What a waste of money when I could buy a cute pair of shoes or a cute purse. Even if we did go to Center Hill, that would have been the perfect time to lay out a get a tan and I would never spend my time at the lake standing in water that comes up to my waist just to catch a fish. Nope. Even if we did fish, I would never pinch a worm in half and actually put it on the hook myself. And if I did catch a fish, I would never touch it to take the hook out of it's mouth. Gross. But I can tell you that even if we DID go to Center Hill this past weekend, we would have had a GREAT time!!

To find out what other people would never do, check out & have a good day :-)

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  1. John and I are the SAME way! It is so funny how opposites attract! I tell him that if we do go fishing it has to be very sunny for my tan! lol!