Friday, December 2, 2011

Old Dresser to Salon Coffee Station

I have had my own salon now for just over 2 years and ever since I opened I have wanted to do a coffee station.....but it has been one of those projects I have just never gotten around to. Well, a few weeks ago I saw this picture on Pinterest and it got me excited about it all over again and I knew I had to do it!

I loooove everything about this!!! Love the piece of furniture with the baskets and I love the shelf with the cups hanging. The shelf is from Hobby Lobby but even at 50% off it is $50.........maybe one day I will break down and get it because I absolutely love it but I have too many other things I am wanting to do right now.

So I had an idea. I have this old dresser my mom gave me that has already had one makeover you can read about here.  It was time for another makeover :)

Here is the before pic { this pic was taken after I took the scrapbook paper off the top } :
Here is the after { sorry for the terrible lighting!! } :
I am IN LOVE with it!!! First, I painted it a greyish taupe color. Then I took the drawers out and unscrewed the drawer glider things and took those out. I bought these baskets at Old Time Pottery for super cheap and I love the way it looks. It completely changes the whole look!

My mom had bought this Keurig but she never uses it anymore so she gave it to me!! Yay! Thanks mom :) It is perfect for the salon because it makes individual cups for my clients. That way I do not have to make a pot of coffee that is going to sit there and get old. Now my clients have their choice between coffee or apple cider.....
 or they can make a cup of hot water with the Keurig and have either some hot chocolate or green tea!! They love it and so do I! :)
For now { until I break down and get the cute shelf from Hobby Lobby! } the coffee cups are in the baskets.

One more look!!

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  1. I have the same picture pinned!! I LOVE it!! I've kind of done the same thing but with a book shelve and cute shelves from Target....I need to take some pictures of it and get posted, hopefully this week. Your version turned out really cute!!

  2. Hi, I love how your coffee bar turned out. I'm really happy to have sent some inspiration your way. I know your clients will love it as much as my family loved ours. Great job, who needs that expensive shelf, I love the mugs in the baskets. Take Care, Carrie (the vintage wren)

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