Friday, January 27, 2012

under the weather...

This past week has been so hard! I have been sick for a whole week. It all started last Friday night when it was time to eat supper. I started to get a headache and I thought it was because I was so hungry. So I ate A LOT of pizza. Really fast. Bad idea. About 30 minutes later I started feeling sick to my stomach....this was around 8pm. I ended up getting sick and I threw up every single hour like clockwork from 8 pm Friday to 6 am on Saturday. I would fall asleep and would wake up feeling so sick. Josh ended up taking me to the ER that morning....I thought I was dehydrated but thank goodness I wasn't. They gave me some medicine to take that helped me not throw up but made me sleep ALL day. I was literally asleep all day. I woke up Saturday night for a couple of hours then went back to sleep. About 3 am on Sunday morning I woke up and Josh was awake in bed saying how sick he was to his stomach :( I felt so bad for getting him sick but we had a feeling it would happen. The doctor told us that stomach virus was going around and very contagious. So Josh was sick all day Sunday...Luckily, we already had the medicine he needed from when I went to the doctor. We were both feeling better on Monday and ready to get out of the house. I ended up going out to Rivergate to meet my mom. Well, Monday night my throat and eyes started getting itchy. I thought it was my allergies from this crazy TN weather we have been having. It kept on getting worse and worse and I have been so miserable. My head has been so stuffy and I have never in my life blown my nose as much as I have this week. I have had to re schedule so many hair appointments this week that next week will be so crazy. Anyway, I kept on getting worse and worse so I broke down and went back to the doctor this week and she gave me a steroid shot and a z pack. She also did a breathing treatment on me and gave me an inhaler. I am starting to feel a little better but I know I have a few days until I feel 100% like myself again. By that time I will be SOOOO ready to get out of this house for sure! The crazy thing is that I was just telling someone last week that I have not been sick in a long time.....I should have knocked on wood.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. Sometime seems to be going around. I am sure the constant change in weather isn't helping. When I was growing up my Mom would make me tea and peanut butter toast... I swear by it!