Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old Mirror to Yellow Chalkboard Frame

This will be my last project using chalkboard paint for a while....I think :) I love this stuff so much. I also used it on the chalkboard tags I made for the pantry makeover and the chalkboard spice jars.

My mom gave me this old mirror. I really liked the frame...(yes, that is our Christmas tree you see in the, I do not still have it up! I did this right around Christmas time and am just now posting about it :) )
 I decided to keep the actual mirror in case I ever got tired of the chalkboard and wanted it to be a mirror again. There was a piece of cardboard inside the frame so I just painted right on that. I painted the frame YELLOW! I love this color. It is called Elevator Button by Valspar. It is like a golden yellow...not too bright. I also distressed it some after it dried.
Here it is all finished!

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  1. {found you through Tatertots & Jello} - Love that frame, and who would've thought you could just paint cardboard?! Such a great idea! :)