Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What we have been up to...

The past couple of weeks have been VERY productive & full of projects. This is what they have consisted of:

* Re-did our basement.
* Painted the kitchen.
* Gave the pantry a makeover.
* Colored my hair. Hellloooo brunette :)
* Painted the living room.
* Faux board & batten in living room {almost done!}
* Ordered pictures from Mpix.com for our picture gallery walls in living room & bedroom.
* Josh started EMT school.
*  Painted the bedroom.
* A couple of furniture makeovers.
* Chalkboard frame.
* Painted the kitchen table white.
* Got new dining room curtains. {I bought the fabric and my mom made them. Yes, she is the BEST!}
* Threw a lot of things away and donated things. Trying to declutter.
* A couple of bonfires in the back yard with just me and my hubby & my Kobe. Good talks :)

Pictures coming very soon!!!

Also, thank you for all who have prayed for my hubby and his interview. Unfortunately, he did not get the job :( They hired 2 and interviewed 7. Well, 2 of the guys had already been through the fire academy which means they got the job. Josh did VERY good on his interview though. They loved him. Chief Steele called him himself and told him that he was "in the bubble" and if something did not work out with those other guys then they would call him first. Very disappointing & upsetting....but I know God has a plan.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the job for the hubby! But it only means God has something better in store for him. :) Sounds liek you've been one busy lady the past couple of weeks. Can't wait to see pictures!! :)