Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Hair!

I have been blonde my whole life. When I was little it was really blonde... but as I have gotten older it has turned into a dirty dishwater blonde so I always keep it highlighted. I have been wanting a change for a while now and I looooove red hair. Like Emma Stone red.

Well, I finally did it. And I LOVE IT!!! :)
Mine is not at red as hers (more like a red brown) but next time I think I am going to go even more red. If you know my mom then you know we look just alike now. Which is a huge compliment!!

I know I will go back blonde for the summer but a girls gotta have a change every once in a while :)


  1. Love the red! I have been adding red lowlights and I love them too, the only think I don't like is how fast red fades. I even use a color safe shampoo/conditioner. It helps some but still!

  2. Oh my goodness! :) I was telling somebody just yesterday how my hair is "dishwater blonde" and I have to get highlights. And I've also always secretly wanted to dye my hair red.

    It looks GREAT on you. Especially with your pretty blue eyes!

  3. Enjoy it!!! I loved my red hair! You definitely feel like a totally different person! Yours looks great!